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SIUE Women's Tennis - Honored Cougars

Michelle Wreen 1984 ITCA Rookie of the Year
Michelle Wreen 1988 ITCA Senior of the Year
Nicky DeMuro 1986 ITCA Scholar Athlete
Nicky DeMuro 1987 GTE/CoSIDA Academic
Nicky DeMuro All-American (first team)
Nicky DeMuro 1987 ITCA Scholar Athlete
Nicky DeMuro 1988 GTE/CoSIDA Academic All-American (second Team)
Nicky DeMuro 1989 GTE/CoSIDA Academic All-American (first Team)
Amy Hazen 1995 GLVC Player of the Year
Amy Hazen 1995 All-GLVC
Sara Hazen 1995 All-GLVC
Katherine Himstedt 1995 All-GLVC
Kelli Kane 1995 ITA Scholar Athlete
Kelli Kane 1995 All-GLVC
Heather Daust 1998 ITA Scholar Athlete
Sonya Wohltman 1998 ITA Scholar Athlete
Sarah Hardimon 1996 All-GLVC
Sarah Hardimon 1997 All-GLVC
Sarah Hardimon 1998 All-GLVC
Sarah Hardimon 1999 All-GLVC
Herta Shikapwashya 1998 All-GLVC
Kim Mulherin 1999 All-GLVC
Sonya Wohltman 1999 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Amy Nagle 1999 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Kim Mulherin 2000 All-GLVC
Amber Stanley 2000 All-GLVC
Laura Zeeb 2001 All-GLVC
Amber Stanley 2001 All-GLVC
Keli Keener 2002 All-GLVC
Katy McKay 2002 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Coryn Reich 2002 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Coryn Reich 2003 All-GLVC
Laura Zeeb 2003 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Laura Zeeb 2004 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Alison Coates 2004 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Celia Montes 2004 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Coryn Reich 2004 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Chrissy Yingst 2004 All-GLVC
Carli Connors 2008 GLVC Freshman of the Year
Carli Connors 2008 All-GLVC
Laura Horning 2008 All-GLVC
Mia Frogner 2014 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Sierra Halverson 2014 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Haley Ilcezwicz 2014 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Kali Donner 2015 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Mia Frogner 2015 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Sierra Halverson 2015 ITA Scholar-Athlete
Haley Ilcewicz 2015 ITA Scholar-Athlete