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SIUE Battles With Indiana, North Dakota State

John Muldoon
John Muldoon

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. – Sunday's match came down to the final period, and Indiana held off a pesky SIUE wrestling team 21-16.

North Dakota State defeated SIUE earlier in the day 25-13. Indiana edged North Dakota State 18-17 on tiebreaker criteria. It was the first dual matches of the season for SIUE.

"There were a lot of close matches today," said SIUE Head Coach Jeremy Spates. "The Indiana match came down to the final period. It was a fun environment for the crowd. We just wish they could have come away from the match with two wins rather than two losses."

Three SIUE wrestlers collected wins against both North Dakota State and Indiana.

John Muldoon, a 133-pounder, defeated NDSU's Albert Landeros 20-8 and Indiana's Garrett Pepple 6-1. Jake Residori, a 174-pounder, bested NDSU's Carter Nielsen 5-3 and Indiana's Devin Skatzka 8-4. At 197 pounds, Jake Tindle downed NDSU's Cordell Eaton 10-6 and Indiana's Jakob Hinz 11-10.

"He (John) was cutting down a weight class and did a good job today," said Spates. "Jake Tindle and Jake Residori are a couple of guys our fans have seen a lot of over the last couple of years. It was nice to have those guys get two wins at home."

Indiana 149-pounder Chris Perez edged SIUE's Tyshawn Williams 4-0 in the final match of the day.

Next up for the Cougars is a dual match against Illinois at the Jon Davis Center in Edwardsville. Match time Wednesday is 7 p.m.

"That should be a neat environment," said Spates. "We're looking to go out there and scrap. We just want to come some wins rather than some close losses."


Indiana 21 SIUE 16
157          Jake Danishek (Indiana) over Karsten Van Velsor (SIUE) (MD 15-3)
165          Bryce Martin (Indiana) over Sam Zimmerman (SIUE) (TF 26-11 5:57)
174          Jake Residori (SIUE) over Devin Skatzka (Indiana) (Dec 8-4)
184          Nathan Jackson (Indiana) over Jacob Godinez (SIUE) (Fall 1:30)
197          Jake Tindle (SIUE) over Jakob Hinz (Indiana) (Dec 11-10)
285          Jake McKiernan (SIUE) over Fletcher Miller (Indiana) (Dec 6-1)
125          Freddie Rodriguez (SIUE) over Liam Cronin (Indiana) (MD 16-8)
133          John Muldoon (SIUE) over Garrett Pepple (Indiana) (Dec 6-1)
141          Cole Weaver (Indiana) over Trevor Feagans (SIUE) (Dec 7-4)
149          Chris Perez (Indiana) over Tyshawn Williams (SIUE) (Dec 4-0) 

North Dakota State 25 SIUE 13
157          Clayton Ream (North Dakota State) over Karsten Van Velsor (SIUE) (MD 13-4)
165          Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State) over Sam Zimmerman (SIUE) (Fall 3:59)
174          Jake Residori (SIUE) over Carter Nielsen (North Dakota State) (Dec 5-3)
184          Tyler McNutt (North Dakota State) over Jacob Godinez (SIUE) (Fall 2:31)
197          Jake Tindle (SIUE) over Cordell Eaton (North Dakota State) (Dec 10-6)
285          Benjamin Tyanan (North Dakota State) over Jake McKiernan (SIUE) (Dec 3-1)
125          Joshua Rodriguez (North Dakota State) over Freddie Rodriguez (SIUE) (Dec 14-8)
133          John Muldoon (SIUE) over Albert Landeros (North Dakota State) (MD 20-8)
141          Trevor Feagans (SIUE) over Taylor Nein (North Dakota State) (Dec 4-2)
149         Kyle Gliva (North Dakota State) over Tyshawn Williams (SIUE) (TB-1 6-4) 

Indiana 18 North Dakota State 17 (based on Rule 3.15.3 tiebreaker criteria)
157         Clayton Ream (North Dakota State) over Jake Danishek (Indiana) (Dec 8-1)
165         Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State) over Bryce Martin (Indiana) (Dec 2-0)
174         Devin Skatzka (Indiana) over Carter Nielsen (North Dakota State) (Dec 8-2)
184         Nathan Jackson (Indiana) over Tyler McNutt (North Dakota State) (MD 12-3)
197         Jakob Hinz (Indiana) over Cordell Eaton (North Dakota State) (Dec 11-5)
285         Benjamin Tyanan (North Dakota State) over Fletcher Miller (Indiana) (Dec 6-0)
125         Joshua Rodriguez (North Dakota State) over Liam Cronin (Indiana) (TF 26-10 6:11)
133         Garrett Pepple (Indiana) over Albert Landeros (North Dakota State) (MD 16-2)
141         Cole Weaver (Indiana) over Taylor Nein (North Dakota State) (Dec 5-0)
149         Kyle Gliva (North Dakota State) over Chris Perez (Indiana) (Dec 5-2)
Point added to Indiana - Point scores from decisions, major decision and technical falls

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