Strength and Conditioning

Charles and Mary Lucas Athletic Annex Photos

The primary focus with our performance programs at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is to maximize each athlete's potential by a systematic approach to training. This is accomplished by designing comprehensive training programs that develop a strong athletic foundation while focusing on the specific needs of each sport and athlete.

Our programs are designed to focus on the cornerstones of athleticism within each sport.
• Joint Mobility / Stability
• Explosiveness
• Speed (Linear / Lateral)
• Strength / Core Development
• Injury Reduction
• Energy System Development
• Nutrition / Regeneration Education

In order for our athletes to compete at their highest level, an annual plan must be developed. The 3 main training phases are: off-season, preseason, and in-season. Through our systematic approach, various training methods and exercise techniques are implemented to ensure positive training outcomes.

Character, Opportunity, Unity, Greatness, Attitude, Responsibility are all traits instilled into our athletes and will bring them SUCCESS both on the field of competition and in the game of life!