SIUE Opens Indoor Invite with Nine Wins

Callaghan Adams
Callaghan Adams

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. – The SIUE women's tennis team had a successful day one of the SIUE Indoor Invite Friday.

The day was started off with doubles play.

A Doubles: Morgan Steffes / Ann-Christine Link (SIUE) def. Labina Petrovska/Anna Fuentes (Milwaukee), 6-0 in the first round. Marli Van Heerden/Pramethong (Central Arkansas) def. Steffes/Link, 6-1 in the semifinals. The duo of Steffes and Link will face Haily Morgan/Luisa Pelayo (Wright State) in the third place match.

B Doubles: Lara Tupper / Callaghan Adams (SIUE) def. Reynolds/Jones (WSU), 6-4 in the first round. Xiang/Shioguchi (UCA) def. Tupper/Adams, 7-6(7) in the semifinals. Tupper and Adams will take on Riegraf/Jack (Western Michigan) in the third place match.

C doubles: Raillane Kamdem teamed up with Gabriela Slavova of Western Michigan. Clark/Freirich (UWM) def. Kamdem/Slavova, 6-3. Kamdem/Slavova def. Oh (UCA) / Trinkle (IUPUI).

A Singles: Steffes def. Morgan (WSU), 6-1, 6-4. Steffes will face Doroshenko of Southeast Missouri in the semifinals.

B Singles: Xiang (UCA) def. Tupper, 6-4, 7-6(8). Link def. Loren Nelson (UWM), 3-6, 6-1, 10-8. Link will face Riegraf (WMU) in the semifinals. Tupper will play Krupa (SEMO) in the consolation semifinals.

C Singles: Kamdem def. Mayer (IUPUI), 6-3, 6-3. Kamdem will play Shimoguchi (UCA) in the semifinals.

D Singles: Adams def. Clarke (UWM), 6-1, 7-5. Adams will face Grubb (IUPUI) in the semifinals.

Doubles play will begin Saturday morning at the Edwardsville Y with singles play to follow. The C and D singles consolation tournaments will be held at Principia College on Saturday.