Career Development

Participating in college athletics is an unforgettable and formative experience. All student-athletes develop unique transferrable skills during their undergraduate experience. Years of training and competition afford student-athletes characteristics that will lead to future success. This program, in cooperation with the SIUE Career Development Center, best prepares our student-athletes for their future job search and career. 

SIUE Career Development Resources

SIUE Career Development Center
List of Majors Offered at SIUE
Curriculum Guides for each Major at SIUE

Career Modules Materials


Not sure what major to pick? This might help . . .

What Can I Do with a Major In? . . . (Courtesy of University of North Carolina Wilmington)
What Can I Do with this Major/Degree Resources . . .  (Courtesy of the University of Arizona)
What Can I Do with a Major/Degree In . . . (Courtesy of MyPlan.com) 
What Can I Do with a Major in Kinesiology?
What Can I Do with a Social Science/Liberal Arts Degree? (Courtesy of Careerbuilder.com)
What Can I Do with a Major in Art?
Choosing a College Major

Please contact Taylor Phelps for more information on the Career Development Program.