SIUE Camps

All camp attendees are subject to all policies set by the SIU Board of Trustees and SIUE. This includes, but is not limited to, policies related to sexual violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, and policies related to drug and alcohol use. These policies can be found at All campers must submit a liability waiver form before camp begins.

This list is subject to change.


Strength and Conditioning
Cougar Performance Camp
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Session One - June 2-26
Session Two - July 7-31

Men’s Basketball:
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6/23-26 Individual Camp
6/21-22 Team Camp

6/13       Elite Camp
6/14-15 Team Camp
6/16-19 All-Skills Day Camp
6/20       Shooting Camp

Men’s Soccer:
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6/9-12   Cougar Day Camp
7/9-11   Boys Team Camp
7/9-12   Jr Residential Camp
7/9-12   Sr Residential Camp

Women’s Soccer:
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5/29-30 Junior Cougar Camp I
7/14-16 Junior Cougar Camp II
7/17-19 Advanced Training Camp

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7/15-16 All-Skills Camp
8/17      Elite Camp

Track and Field
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July 19-20 Throws Camp 

6/4-5     2-Day All-Skills Camp 1  
7/8         Attacking Camp              
7/9         Defense/Passing Camp
7/9         Setting Camp    
7/14-15 2-Day All-Skills Camp 2  
7/18       Freshman/JV Team Camp          
7/19-20 Varsity Team Camp         

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6/27-29 Technique and Competition Camp
7/10-11 Technique and Competition Camp
8/8-9 Technique and Competition Camp 


5/29-30 Women's Soccer Junior Cougar Camp I

6/2-26   Cougar Performance Camp

6/4-5     Volleyball 2-Day All-Skills Camp 1  

6/9-12   Men's Soccer Cougar Day Camp

6/13       Women's Basketball - Elite Camp

6/14-15 Women's Basketball Team Camp

6/16-19 Women's Basketball Individual Camp

6/20       Women's Basketball - Shooting Camp

6/21-22 Men's Basketball Team Camp

6/23-26 Men's Basketball: Individual Camp

6/27-29 Wrestling: Technique and Competition Camp

7/7-31   Cougar Performance Camp

7/8         Volleyball Attacking Camp               

7/9         Volleyball Defense/Passing Camp

7/9         Volleyball Setting Camp    

7/9-11   Men's Soccer Boys Team Camp

7/9-12   Men's Soccer Jr Residential Camp

7/9-12   Men's Soccer Sr Residential Camp

7/14-15 Volleyball 2-Day All-Skills Camp 2
7/15-16 Softball All-Skills Camp 
7/14-16 Women's Soccer Junior Cougar Camp II
7/17-19 Women's Soccer Advanced Training Camp

7/18      Volleyball Freshman/JV Team Camp           

7/19-20 Volleyball Varsity Team Camp
7/19-20 Throws Camp 

8/8-9 Wrestling: Technique and Competition Camp

8/17      Softball Elite Camp